"Teaching A Better Way Of Life" 

Counseling Services 

We  provide individual, family and group therapy to children and their families.  Our providers are licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSWs), Licensed Professional Counselors (LPCs) and Qualified Professionals (QPs), LCAS(A) Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist.

We emphasize the importance of empowering individuals and families, creating self-sufficiency, while also addressing the mental health needs that have created difficulties in their lives.  We employ a strength-based holistic approach to therapy and believe everyone has the capacity for growth and change.

We specialize in treating the following :

Attachment Disorders                  Neglect/Physical Abuse
Stress Management
                     Step/Blended Families
Anxiety and Depression
               Sexual Reactivity
Separation and Divorce
                Grief and Bereavement
Deliquency Issues                       Conduct Disorders           
Crisis and Trauma
Anger Problems                          School Related Problems
Attention Deficit Disorder                                      

Therapy may be provided at different sites including our office, school, home,  and various community settings.  We also offer medication management and consultation with a child psychiatrist. 

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